Project examples

2014 Pre-sales support for service virtualisation solution
Support of pre-sales activities for complex product suite focused on service virtualisation covering full SDLC management, test automation and DevOps integration.

2013 Streamlining of business operations
Change management project for Wendler Interlining focused on description of business processes and identification of areas for improvement. Number of actions has been proposed and implemented during the latter phase of the project.

2011 R&D organisation change
As a part of major R&D organisational change, it was decided to transform the R&D centre into the full matrix organisation. I was responsible for smooth merge of R&D departments and establishing (and later leading) Project Management Office function. My responsibility also included definition of new internal processes. The key requirement was to keep overall performance and quality unchanged during the transition and achieve improvements after introduction of the new structure.

2010 SW development outsourcing
Although the product development and maintenance outsourcing has been done in several cases previously, it was never big success and in many cases the backward transfers were executed. Instead of full outsourcing, new concept has been introduced when we contracted couple of companies only for partial development and/or maintenance tasks. Full project responsibility remained under internal control in these cases.

2009 Consolidation of product development location
Company's key VAS solution development was for historic reasons scattered between more locations (UK, India – outsourced). New R&D team was established in Prague, Czech Republic to take over the product internally and also insource back the activities done by Indian partner. During the transition project, the staff level was reduced from 100+ to 35 engineers.

2007 Transfer of Integration function
When Acision was created as a spin-off from LogicaCMG, couple of organisational changes followed. I managed the transfer of Integration function from the branch in the Netherlands to the Czech Republic. The scope included legacy technologies (Tru64, Solaris based) as well as newly introduced Linux based solutions.

2005 Introduction of agile development methodology
During LogicaCMG's involvement in European Commission funded research project COMET, agile development methodology has been introduced in R&D department as a pilot project under my responsibility. Agile methodology was later adopted by other product development teams. The COMET project involved multiple company's teams as well as partnership with number of other European companies (HP, Colibria, Movial...).

2003 Merge of Logica and CMG, first cross-company product transfer
After the merge of two major telco vendors, I led the project focused on the first internal product ownership handover (from exCMG to exLogica). Project scope included the adoption of exCMG tooling and operation processes by exLogica Mobile Networks department.